I’m beginning to explore poetry. I wouldn’t call myself a poet (yet!), but I’m on a journey to discover if I can be one. I will be posting some of my work here.

This was inspired by a picture on the news of about 12 long trains, side by side in a siding, going nowhere.

Serried Lines

Serried lines, like Kitkats,

Waiting, waiting for men to agree

At the end of the line,

Could take some time.

Eager to move, eager to move, eager to move

But no. Not today.

While among those who decided,

Truth derided.

More important to sway the people

Than tell it straight.

At the stations, workers wait

Eager to move, eager to move, eager to move

But no.

Not today. Stay away, work from home

“Who, me?” said the cleaner


And the weary ones who watch

Sigh, yet again

Eager to move, eager to move, eager to move


Copyright © 2022 Patrick Woodward

Thanks to Michał Parzuchowski @mparzuchowski for making this photo available freely on Unsplash

A Walk on the Beach

Oh my, I am blessed
To live here, near the sea.
To hear the soft susurration of the waves
Feel the waft of the breeze across my face.

The warmth of the sun on my winter white skin
Not too long – I burn a bit quick.

To hear the joyful voice of children,
Laughing, jumping, splish-splashing.
And the four footed frolic of a dog
Charging into the gentle waves.

On my own, but strangely not
Those munching at the café, or
Sitting on a bench
Are my brothers and sisters, fellow creation,
Joined, as it seems, in enjoyment, individually.

Oh my, I am blessed, to live here,
Near the sea.

Copyright (c) Patrick Woodward 2022